This page is where I list everything I'm able to put together as an offering throughout the entrepreneurial journey I write about on this site.

Educational Resources and Directories

Entrepreneur Tools

Tools & resources for startups & entrepreneurs. Focus on released no-code tools, cheap / free / have free plan, or otherwise worthwhile for bootstrapping startups. Featured on ProductHunt.

Open Website (COMING SOON)

Learning resources and teaching material on how no-code tools help entrepreneurs and managers build products and automate operations.

Digital Products

Crowdfunding dataset (COMING SOON)

The most research-ready dataset of Kickstarter projects on the internet.

eCommerce Stores

An online store where you can buy AI-generated stock images and read my sometimes humorous captions interpreting what the AI created. Currently uses DALL-E 2 by OpenAI.

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SaaS Tools and Marketplaces